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Patent Attorneys in Ravensburg

“Those who don't invent fail to an extent.
Those who don't patent miss out on advancement.”

(Erich Otto Häußer)

Otten, Roth, Dobler & Partner mbB

Patent attorneys Otten, Roth Dobler & Partner mbB – RavensPAT - represent clients  in all matters concerning industrial property rights.

Patent law, trademark law, design protection as well as legal arbitration constitute our day-to-day business as much as the drafting of development cooperation agreements, the utilisation and marketing of intellectual property rights in the form of licensing, and demarcation in cases of disputes.

Whether individual inventor, medium-sized business or international corporation, patent attorneys Otten, Roth, Dobler & Partner mbB are at your service and provide comprehensive guidance in all industrial property rights issues.

Homepage in a new design

RavensPAT moves with the times!

Pursuant to the trend of continuously improving what is good and simplifying tools, our homepage has been completely revamped in terms of design and technology. Now, presentation on the workplace computer, tablet or smartphone is problem-free. Furthermore, functions such as automatic dialling on smartphones (insofar as this is supported) and contacting us via the homepage have been significantly upgraded. 

We hope you enjoy using the site and look forward to receiving your constructive feedback.

Patent attorneys

Otten, Roth, Dobler & Partner mbB
Patent attorneys
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