Patent law and utility patents

Is there anything that hasn’t already been invented?
We know there is. And so do you.

Those who make do with what already exists have already lost. You know that, we know that, and your competitors know it, too. The market thrives on innovations. These are often improvements or tweaks to products or production methods that were apparently already technically mature.

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Your incentive is to make things better.
Then have your ideas patented. Before somebody else does it first.

What is the best time to claim intellectual property rights? What ideas are really worth patenting? How do you register a patent or a utility patent? How do you formulate it so that your patent is enforceable? We have the answers and help you avoid pitfalls. After all, groundbreaking ideas often result from perceived trivialities and offhand snippets of information.


German patents

Patents can be taken out on chemical substances, for example, or on technical innovations in manufacturing processes, devices and in software. They give you an edge over your competitors and allow you to claim protection against imitations. That way, you have something in your hand. Because intellectual property rights verified by the German Patent and Trademark Office have an excellent reputation.

But on three conditions: The invention must be new, involve an inventive step, and be industrially applicable (§1 PatG).
The patent must be registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich and is valid for a maximum of 20 years.


European patents

In this case, the procedure can be applied to several or all contracting states. The registered object is examined by the European Patent Office to see whether it is patentable. Once granted, a European patent has the same effect as independent national patents. We submit a European patent registration for you to the European Patent Office in Munich. The advantage for you is that you only negotiate with one patent office instead of almost 40.

By the way, a European patent is not the same as an EU Patent. At EU level, the correct term we use is a “European patent with unitary effect.” We can help you apply for this based on your European patent. We know where to look out for traps and how to capture the opportunities!

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