Design/design patents

Design can be patented too.
Because it is valuable. You have to know how.

Design is a decisive market factor – and key for the success of your product. Nowadays, technical systems and machines are just as susceptible to being copied as the functional design of a household device, furniture, everyday objects, and even entire cars. If you don’t want your competitors to overtake you, then take the legal path.

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The shorter a product’s lifecycle, the faster we are.
It pays off to protect your designs.

When products all look the same, when facts, figures and performance offer no advantage, when the possibilities of technology seem to make no difference, then the shape, color, and visual presentation of a product can make all the difference. Your job is to combine design and purpose in one functional unit. Ours is to make sure your product design is protected.


Design/design patents

A design patent is an intellectual property right created to protect the shape or surface design of a product. Your design must be new and unique at the time it is registered. We will register your design at the German Patent and Trademark Office and the EUIPO. The maximum term of protection is 25 years.