Trademark protection

Is your brand successful?
Then turn it to your own advantage.

Your products and services make you attractive – also for the pirates among your competitors. The more successful you are, the more visible. You can protect yourself by registering your trademark. Because a copy is never as good as the original product. Done in good time and registered properly, it will guarantee your success for many years to come.



Your trademark sets you apart from the competition.
Our experience in protecting trademarks sets us apart. Let’s work together.

Ravenspat represents you in Germany and internationally. We advise you comprehensively on your strategic choice of trademark rights, on registering your trademark in relevant countries, defending your claims when there are contradictions or third parties violate or copy your trademark right. After all, the good guys have the law on their side. We are with you all the way.



A trademark is a designation intended to differentiate and distinguish your products from those of your competitors. A trademark can be a wordmark, such as “Persil,” or a combined word/figurative mark like Nike’s “swoosh.” It can also be a number or a three-dimensional design. We register your trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office or the EUIPO. Registration is valid for ten years and can be extended by another ten years indefinitely.