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The RavensPAT Team


RavensPAT is comprised of 5 patent attorneys, 5 patent engineers, 8 assistants in the legal secretarial office as well as 5 legal specialists in the common secretarial office. Team support is provided by part-time employees in administration, bookkeeping, as well as technology and IT.


Our patent attorneys and patent engineers, who work closely together as a team to process, discuss and clarify individual issues, provide collaborative support for many clients and thus ensure that we deliver the optimal result regarding the protection of your innovation. Furthermore, we guarantee a high level of availability of competent staff members, either from the team comprising patent attorneys and patent engineers, or from patent attorneys stepping in for each other. . 

Office & Client Structure


In national and international patent protection, we provide comprehensive support for our clients in official proceedings or in the responsible courts. Our technical clients cover all areas of mechanical engineering, general process technology, furniture and fittings technology, electronic engineering, the semiconductor industry, and electrical engineering, as well as numerous applications from the automotive industry in passenger and commercial vehicles, and the agricultural and construction machinery sector. Moreover, we are represented in the application area of construction and concrete technology, heavy mechanical engineering and semiconductor technologies. Our clients are also active in the chemical process technology, industrial systems, as well as the food industry. Last but not least, we also process patents pertaining to machine tools, handicraft and consumer products, and the clothing industry.


 RavensPAT  is also active in trade mark protection on a national as well as international basis and provides our clients with extensive advisory services in the selection of trade marks, their registration in different countries, as well as enforcement against opposition and infringements by third parties.

Creating value, protecting value

One of the region's largest patent attorney firms is located in Berg, near Ravensburg. The RavensPAT team of five patent attorneys, five patent engineers as well as 20 additional professional employees is specialised in all areas of technology. Founded in 1974 in Ravensburg, the firm experienced continuous growth and is now, due to its size, located in a stately  office building in Berg, just outside the gates of Ravensburg.

More than 90 per cent of the firm's clients are from the Mittelstand, the small to medium-sized enterprises that constitute the backbone of the German economy. Patent Attorney Herbert Otten describes the client structure as follows: “Our clients range from one-man operations to companies with 2000 employees.” “And the patents range from the spray gun to superconductors, as well as from agricultural machines to automotive technology.” The firm is especially active in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physical technology, as well as process technology, construction and medical technology.

Many customers are, naturally, from the region, but also from Berlin, Frankfurt, the Black Forest, Sauerland, the Austrian Vorarlberg region, and Switzerland. “We support these customers not only within Germany, but also in international markets.” Many cases are concerned with further developments in the industry. “These days, the Mittelstand must be extremely proactive and creative in order to survive,” explains patent attorney Markus Dobler. “This includes the systematic registration of patents at the companies. Patent strategies and a sustainable portfolio help enterprises successfully position themselves in a competitive environment.”

All five attorneys would like to emphasize that, in their work in the areas of patents, trade marks, design protection and licenses, an essential aspect constitutes being continuously able to understand and analyse complex, mostly technical, matters in order to obtain comprehensive legal protection for the client as effectively as possible. The attorneys  also count among their midst physicists, and also mechanical engineers, process technology experts, as well as electrical engineers. The approximately 900 square meter large firm is one of the largest in all of Baden Württemberg, measured not only by the number of employees but also in terms of client base.

Our history...


Founding of the firm by patent attorney Dipl. Ing. Eberhard Eisele at the offices in Goetheplatz, Ravensburg.

1 April 1981

Founding of the patent attorney partnership by patent attorneys Dipl. Ing. Eberhard Eisele and Dr. Ing. Herbert Otten.


Relocation to new firm headquarters in Seestraße 42, Ravensburg. Continuing expansion of the legal administrative staff

1 January 1995

Acceptance of patent attorney Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Roth, as partner in the partnership of Eisele, Otten & Roth.

December 1997

Resignation of senior partner Eberhard Eisele due to well-deserved retirement

1 January 1998

Acceptance of Dr. Ing. Markus Dobler as partner in the partnership of Eisele, Otten, Roth & Dobler.

October 1998

Relocation to own firm building in Karlstraße 8, Ravensburg. Start of expansion of the firm through the hiring of patent engineers and additional administrative staff.

1 January 2008

Acceptance of patent attorney Dipl. Phys. Alexander Otten as partner in the partnership of Eisele, Otten, Roth & Dobler.

October 2008

Relocation to new firm headquarters in Großtobler Straße, Berg/Ravensburg

1 June 2010

Founding of the partnership Otten, Roth, Dobler & Partner – Patent Attorneys – as legal successor of Eisele, Otten, Roth & Dobler.

October 2010

Entry in the register of partnerships PR720058

1 January 2011

Acceptance of patent attorney Dr. rer. nat. Alexander André, as partner in the partnership

July 2015

Change of company name to a partnership with limited professional liability

Otten, Roth, Dobler & Partner mbB
Patent attorneys
Grosstobeler Strasse 39
D-88276 Ravensburg/Berg
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